What’s On New 2018 Honda CRV?

Honda as one of the biggest auto company will never absent for every year market. After announcing some products for the end of 2017 to early 2018, Honda announces again there will be other products for the next market. 2018 Honda CRV will come again. This series is one of the popular ones from Honda. It is known as more comfortable and capable car. For the new one, there will be some version with a different price. There are top-trim Touring which is $32,650, EX-L with Navigation which is $30,450, EX-L which is $29,450, EX which is $26,950, and LX which is $24,150.

2018 Honda CRV Interior

For the best performance, the new 2018 Honda CRV has tremendous interior design and features. CRV’s seat can accommodate up to 5 passengers. Different from its predecessor, the new CRV has a new design. To get the more modern look, it will be covered by metal and wood accents. There will be also so many technology systems of interfaces that make it has too many switches, sliders, and buttons. For standard version, there will be a heated seat with more comfortable rear and front seats. For all seats will be easily accessible with LATCH anchors.

For interior material, it will have leather upholstery which makes it look more modern and greater. Meanwhile, the cargo has more multifunction storage will full capacity. For infotainment, CRV will bring back a volume knob as replacement of touch volume slider. However, we can still find this touch-sensitive slider with redundant control in steering wheel. As high technology car, there will be CarPlay and Android Auto with USB ports. In rear seats, the USB ports will have a function as charging only. On the other hand, the further information about interior has not been revealed fully. For a recent update, you can check on

2018 Ford

Sports Car 2018 Ford Mustang Latest

2018 Ford

One of the PT foreign cars in Indonesia that is PT Ford Motor Indonesia or commonly abbreviated with FMI was previously confirmed to be a factory of origin of the United States, where this car wonders still include its products in the event Indonesia international motor show 2016 which took place at Jakarta international expo Kemayoran, center of Jakarta. Ford is participating through their main dealer is the group’s archipelago. The Ford brand is taken from this annual automotive event by displaying some models such as Ford echosport, Ranger, Everest, and Mustang.

Review Of The Latest 2018 Ford Mustang Car

One of the most well-known ford production of the ford is the 2018 ford mustang 2.3 L sports car. This very cool designed vehicle is perfect for racing events. This car is priced at 1.6 billion rupiahs which status on road Jakarta. Although this car is priced at a fairly high but apparently the group’s Nusantara get a very good response from the visitors. Even more than 6 units available there are 2 people who buy this latest sports car. As previously been disclosed by one of the main sales dealers of the archipelago group is the wise men who say that on this first day must car must already immediately have sold one unit, while one other unit was sold through an auto gallery dealer that is also part of the group’s archipelago.

Please note that this car has a 2.3-liter engine specification Eco Boost. while the color itself is available in 4 colors are very attractive options are yellow, black, white and also red. For consumers who really intend to buy this latest fleet can directly conduct transactions in IMMS 2016. That’s some info about the latest output of Ford cars are ford mustang, for more details explanation can by opening the following web page there will be a lot of jam about the cars that are products of a ford.