Carrageenan And Its Functions For Foods

You might ever find the name carrageenan behind the ingredients of many foods of beverages. Of course, this is kind of ingredient that can be used for food or beverages. You can find many foods and beverages that have the carrageenan as the part of their ingredient. Carrageenan Manufacturers number is always growing because the needs of carrageenan itself are also very big. Actually, what is the function of carrageenan in making any foods or beverages? Do you want to know about it? If you are curious about it, please read the following paragraphs.

Functions Of Carrageenan In Food

Actually, when you visit the carrageenan manufacturers, you might get more information of the function of carrageenan that can be found in the foods and beverages. The functions of carrageenan are divided into some types of functions. Those functions will be explained as follow:

  • Thickener

When the carrageenan is used as the thickener, you can find it in the syrup and also the other types of beverages. The type of carrageenan that is used in this case is the Lambda carrageenan. This carrageenan has different structures when the two others, so the function of this type of carrageenan also becomes different from the other.

  • Elastic Gel

To make the elastic gel that you might find in jelly, the type of carrageenan, in this case, is the Iota Carrageenan. The structure of this type carrageenan can make the gel becomes elastic and difficult to be broken. It is also perhaps becoming the type of carrageenan that commonly used in the society.

  • Firm Gel

To make the firm gel, the carrageenan that is used here is the kappa carrageenan. This type of carrageenan has more firm structure so that it is usually can be used to form the firm gel.

Those are the functions of each type of carrageenan. You might find each type of carrageenan in many foods. You can get the carrageenan that you want depends on what you need in any carrageenan manufacturers.