The New BMW 3 Series Review

In every year, there will be a new car that will be released. From BMW, there are also a lot of new series that will be introduced for middle 2018 to early 2019. Among the BMW review, you will find the BMW 3 series become the most anticipated one. There will be new features and modification which are worth to wait. For the basic concept, it has been inspired by 5 Series but has a lighter construction which let it boots more efficient.

The Tremendous Power Engine Of BMW 3 Series

For the first BMW review from the 3 Series, you have to know its most tremendous power engine. There will be two options for its engine. For the first, there will be petrol engine with a hybrid model. Secondly, there will also diesel model which has twin turbo of 6-cylinder engine. Actually, both of them will not have too many differences. It can produce 460 hp.

The Coolest Design Of BMW 3 Series

Meanwhile, you can also check on the coolest design of BMW 3 Series. Since it has been inspired by 5 Series, there will be similarity on both of them. For the cabin, 3 Series has a similar cabin with 5 Series. Then, there will be also so many high technology features which are built in this car. You can find a big screen as the infotainment system which comes along with a digital driver’s display. Moreover, it will also present iDrive system. So far, the features have not been fully released yet so you need to wait for more BMW review. This car is expected to come to market in latest 2018 to early 2019. You can prepare around $26,000 to get this best new BMW car for next year and drive it around with new vibe as well.

Get Samsung Printer Driver Before Using It

The printer is not something big, but it has a big function for some people and company. It will help people to print, copy, scan, and fax the documents. Nowadays, there are a lot of printers that can be chosen from a different brand. Moreover, there are also a lot of printers which is built in different features so you will not only print the document but also copy, scan, and even fax your document. For the best recommendation, you can choose Samsung SCX 4623fw. However, you need to install Samsung SCX 4623fw driver first before using it.

Step By Step To Download And Install Samsung Printer Driver

If you buy the new Samsung SCX 4623fw, so there will be some different things inside packaging box. Typically, the printer will not come alone but there will be instruction book, CD driver, and guarantee book. You can install the driver directly from the CD. However, it will be a big deal for notebook user since there is no CD Rom. As the solution, you can download the Samsung SCX 4623fw driver from Samsung official website. Just find printer menu then search for SCX 4623fw series. You can find the description and different choice of download button which is based on your computer series. Just click the one which is compatible with your computer.

If the driver has been downloaded and saved on your computer, so you can install it the right way. Just click the Apk file then follow the instructions. Make sure that you read the agreement as well. It will not take too much time to be installed on your computer. After the Samsung SCX 4623fw driver has been installed well on your computer, you need to restart all your devices before using it. Restart your computer and printer, then reconnect it to use it.

Important Rules To Join TelltheBell Survey

Have you ever heard about TelltheBell Survey? For you who ever heard about it, actually, this is a survey from Taco Bell Company that given to the customers to gain more voices about their opinions of the company services. This survey is a simple survey that will not take too much time, so the customers can join this survey without being worry about the time that they spend on it. Moreover, this survey gives the people who join this survey to have a chance to win an iPad as the survey. So, for you who want to get this chance, it would be better to join the survey first.

Some Rules For TelltheBell Survey

Before you join TelltheBell survey, it would be nice if you know what the rules are that you have to prepare. For the rules, you can get in the following list.

  • American Citizen

This is the first rule that you have to follow. It is because the customers that can join this survey are an only American citizen. If you are not an American citizen but you want to join this survey, you have to look for information about Taco Bell restaurants in your country.

  • Above 18 Years Old

This is the other requirement that you have to follow. Some sources said that it is because of the prize of the survey, which is an iPad, so the kids do not allow joining this survey.

  • Customer

If you are an employee of Taco Bell, you will not allow joining the survey, because the survey is only for customers.

  • One Person for One Survey

This is the last rule of the survey. A person only has one chance to join the survey and get the coupon code for the chance to get an iPad.

Those points are the rules of TelltheBell that you have to follow. Join and win the prize!

This is How You Can Get Your Printer Driver

Looking for the printer driver that will work on your computer is not always easy. You will need to identify the right series of the printer driver so that you can easily install the driver to work with your printer. The most important thing about finding the right printer driver is to find the specific model of the printer that you are going to connect. This is the easiest and the simplest thing that will usually determine whether or not you will find the right printer driver you need to run a different kind of printer.

Looking for the Printer Driver via Online

One of the easiest and simplest ways to look for the right printer driver is to find the model of the driver. This is how you can easily find the right driver you need for your computer. Moreover, there are different sources that you can find today to help you find the right printer driver. Some of them are easy to find on the official website that is managed by the printer’s manufacturer. Unfortunately, some other drivers are no longer supported by the manufacturers. If so, there will be the best solution that you can get from where you can find the right driver for the printer you need.

This website will be very helpful for you to find the right driver that you can run on your computer. The website above will have most of those drivers or software for a certain printer that will run properly. Those drivers available on this website will be very helpful for those who want to get only the original driver which is safe to be run on your computer. Find out only the right driver from a reliable source. It is important to make sure that you will find the right driver to support your printer.

Capture The Best Moment For Best Picture

Capture the moment of gathering or precious moments together with friends or loved ones is a very important thing so we can see it at one time as an unforgettable memory. With the existing system on androidadb allows you to have various applications, one of them is android photo app and the help of android photo application, we can get the results as you wish.

The Best Photo App For You

With the system on androidadb, it gives you many good photo editing application options that we can plug in our android smartphone. Here is the best photo app for you:

  1. Meitu

You can say that Meitu is the complete photo editing app. All the features of photo editing are here, from the feature of beautifying faces to selfie photos, applying various filters and cool stickers, to turning photos into artistic painting.

  1. Photo Wonder

Especially for girls who want to look perfect, you must try Photo Wonder. Because this application can edit your photo more beautiful with elegant eyelashes, to the perfect skin color to be distributed to social media.

  1. S Photo Editor

With S Photo Editor you can add a variety of cool stickers that can change your appearance in total. Girls can make a clean and white face, red lips, or add a six pack of muscles in the abs of a guy.

  1. SNOW

A photo-editing app that can turn your facial photos funny is SNOW. With this app, you can add various filters and funny stickers that can move to make your style more adorable

  1. EverFilter

Interested to change your photos so like an anime character? You can try the best EverFilter anime photo editing app. This application provides unique preset templates that will turn your photos into a more vibrant life thanks to the colors of anime.

Those are some photo application that can be used in the system on Androidadb. Be happy to try the exciting effect on the photo.

Things To Know About Bonzi Buddy

This day, you will see many internet browser options which can help you well to surf any information you need on the internet. Each of them offers you the different designs and features which are being their symbol. From those internet browser options, have you heard about the Bonzi Buddy browser? Well, it is one of the internet browser options which you can use to help you get the information like what you need. If you haven’t used it yet, you should consider using this for your main internet browser.

What Are Those Things?

While you want to use Bonzi Buddy for your internet browser, you should know about some things which can make you can consider more using this one. The things you need to consider are:

  1. You should know that this internet browser is accessible. It will help you a lot to browse on the internet in more fun and easier way. You can surf like what you want which is different from the other internet browser options.
  2. If you need the update information about anything, in this case, is news, you just have to browse it in this browser. It will provide you the much latest information you can access every time as long as you have an internet connection.
  3. You can get many other advanced things like text to speech even if you are using this browser on your mobile phone, this advanced feature will work very well. You also can get many other things in an advanced way you can’t get from the other internet browser options.

Those are the things you should know about this browser. If you would like to know further about its information, you can visit us on and you can find much information there which you can access as well.

Losing HP Printer Driver?

If you have HP printer but the driver is lost or cannot work well, so don’t worry. You still get the printer driver from driver site. You can also even find HP printer drivers for windows 10. It will be no problem when you cannot find your printer driver since you can download it. So, how to get the printer driver for your HP printer?

Easy Steps To Download HP Printer Driver For Windows 10

Here are some steps to download the HP printer drivers for windows 10:

  1. Open the HP printer driver
  2. Find the series of your HP printer, then click the article
  3. You can find the steps there, but just drag it to the bottom page to find the link
  4. Click “Windows 10” that occurred on the bottom page
  5. If the printer driver has been downloaded, so you can start to install it

Easy Steps To Install HP Printer Driver For Windows 10

After the driver is downloaded, you can install it like by following these steps:

  1. Open the file of printer driver that has been download
  2. Click “Agree” after reading the agreement
  3. Just follow the instruction until it is processed to install
  4. If the driver has been installed, so you can restart your computer as well
  5. When your computer is ready, you can connect it again to your HP printer
  6. Your HP Printer is ready to use after connected to your windows 10 computer

Make sure that you download the printer driver on the right site, so there will be no harm on your computer. After that, make sure that you download the HP printer drivers for windows 10, not the other version. If there is an error, so you can try to get HP helps.

Top Virtual Office Selection

In fact, that everyone wants to get success once they run business cannot be avoided. But, sometimes to meet clients hope and vision, they also need to take professionalism in their daily lives. Having certain and exact location is something essential to meet this matter. People will believe as well that the company has a good profile. Meanwhile, building or purchasing one building as an office located is very hard to achieve. The high price is something they cannot deny so that they need to create a better solution. Renting virtual office seems reasonable to do this time.

One Top Virtual Office Selection

Virtual office means they can share the buildings that can be used as office together with other people. It means, they can use other service and facilities. It is very common for the service company to complete the package at a security level, receptionist, cleaning agent, secretary, IT, and many other details. Rather than developing this part separately somehow, it is more valuable to rely on these matters to the building management. Once there is something error happened, the staff can be asked to solve the problems no matter would that means. It eases people life.

On the other hand, this service of the virtual office is not only serving real company but also for online needs. It means, when the business does not need certain location but using information technology as well, the staff from the company will help it nicely. They can handle every order and complains in a very best way as they also can take correspondences with others into better ways. For more details, actually, they can read the guidance at the official site called This site is essential to meet people expectancies so that they can aim the goals of the company simply and easily. No obedience that most people use this way.

Get Update For Your Printer Drivers

Do you know that sometimes you might need to update the printer drivers that you have? Of course, it is something optional. You might do not really need to do that step if you think that the condition of the printer and its driver is still good. However, if you think that you need that information, you can learn about it easily. Do you want to know more information about the updating system of the printer and its driver? Please, read the following paragraphs for more information about it.

Printer Drivers; Updating The Drivers

When you want to manage many things related to the printer, the main dialog that you have to open is Printer Management. In that dialog box, you will find many orders that you can choose to manage and also maintain your printer. One of the things that you can do with that dialog is updating the condition of your printer. Yes, printer drivers are something that you might need to help you to install the printer on your system. Besides that, you also have to update the driver in routine. So, what are the steps that you have to do to update your printer?

If you decide to update the driver, you have to open the dialog of Print Management. Then, you also have to click the other order which is the Printer Servers. In the Printer Servers, you will find the other order that you might choose. For the example, you have to click “Printers”. After that, you can choose any printer that you want to update the driver. Then, you have to do the right-click on the icon of the printer and choose Properties. Then, when the Properties dialog box is opened, you have to click Advanced and then click the Driver box. If you want to add new Printer drivers, you have to click New Driver to add. Please, visit to know the latest version of any driver of printers.

Android Games Cheat

WWE Supercard Games

Android Games Cheat

While you are looked for the new games for your mobile phone, what kinds of game you are interested in? If you are interested in the strategy games, you just have to choose one of the best strategy games which you can play it whenever you want. You need to note that you can get various strategy games like this WWE Supercard game. This game is a strategy game which needs a strategy with some cards and can bring you to the victory. Well, you should not feel so worried while your kids are playing these android games because you can’t see the violence on this game because it just uses the cards with certain attributes to battle each other.

WWE Supercard Android Games

If you want to win the battle in these android games, you just have to pick some cards with the best strategy you had and fight the enemies and get the victory for you. Each card has its own different attributes like different charisma, speed, toughness, and power. Thus, before you take the battle with your enemies, you need to ensure that you pick the right cards that will help you to win in the best way.

Well, if you need this kind of things, you need to know that you can gain more cards if you have to win the battle. You can collect the cards and upgrade them to get higher attributes of the character itself. The higher your level is the cards you can get is more precious with the great attributes on it. Well, if you don’t want to wait so long time to upgrade the cards or get the new cards, you can try to use the android games hack which can help you well to get more cards easily and you can play them in the best way.


Recommended Songs From Tubidy Mp3


What would you do if there is no music recommendation from Tubidy mp3? Your life will be really boring. Music becomes a part of our life. It gives you happiness, calmness, and sadness. Music can give your life a colorful life. Many people listen to the music every single time. Moreover, music can give you many benefits for both your physic and mental. It also affects your health and mood. We blessed with many great musician and songs in 2017. There are many good songs in this year for the various genre. Here our song recommendation that will accompany you all day long.

Tubidy Mp3 Music Recommendation

Dua Lipa is the new it girl on the Tubidy mp3 chart along with Camila Cabello. While Camila new song tells about the feeling when you fall in love, Dua Lipa serves the opposite song. New Rules is the international breakup anthem in 2017. The British singer received a positive review of her rules for dealing with a breakup. Many music critics claimed this song as female empowerment song. We recommend you to listen to this song when you just break up with your lover. The song put her on the map when nobody knows her. The song tells you the guide to move on with only three rules.

Not only Dua Lipa but Harry Styles’ song is also our song recommendation for today. Indeed, British musician contributed a lot to the music industry. It such as sad new when one of the greatest boy bands all the time, One Direction, decided to go on hiatus and Zayn Malik’s departure back in 2015. He debuts with a song entitled Sign of The Times. The song, which topped the chart in Tubidy mp3, tells about a person which experience a hard time and he/she should remember that this is not the first and the last hard time that he/she will experience. You can download both songs on

sony firmware update

How To Install Nikon Camera Software?

sony firmware update

Sometimes, the process to install Nikon software is confusing. Therefore, we are here to guide you. The software can help you to import images or videos from your camera to your computer. You can download the software on the internet. After the downloading process is finished, you can install it directly. Go to the “Download” folder on your PC when the software is downloaded. After that double-click the software. In this process, you can’t connect the camera to the computer yet. Double-click the software icon and you need to enter the Name and Password for the administrative account at the Password prompt screen, then click “OK”.

Installing Nikon Software

In this process, you can connect your camera to your PC by using the USB cable. Don’t be panic if the LCD screen on the camera is turned off. If the screen doesn’t turn off, you need to reconnect the USB cable to the camera. You can also try reconnecting it with a different USB port. Back to your PC, at the “Nikon software install” screen, click ‘Next”. When the device recognizes the camera connection, the camera screen will display the “Follow computer instructions” message. Then click “Next”. This will take several minutes. You need to wait until the install process is complete.

You need to reset the camera to the next step but you can’t disconnect the USB cable from both the camera and the computer. Press the center button of the Control Wheel on your camera to reset the camera. On your PC screen, click “Next”, then click “Run”. The installation process will take about ten minutes to complete. After that click “Finish”. Make sure you wait for the camera screen to turn on after clicking “Finish”. Disconnect the USB cable, remove the battery pack, and turn off the camera. You can download the Nikon software only on

What’s On New 2018 Honda CRV?

Honda as one of the biggest auto company will never absent for every year market. After announcing some products for the end of 2017 to early 2018, Honda announces again there will be other products for the next market. 2018 Honda CRV will come again. This series is one of the popular ones from Honda. It is known as more comfortable and capable car. For the new one, there will be some version with a different price. There are top-trim Touring which is $32,650, EX-L with Navigation which is $30,450, EX-L which is $29,450, EX which is $26,950, and LX which is $24,150.

2018 Honda CRV Interior

For the best performance, the new 2018 Honda CRV has tremendous interior design and features. CRV’s seat can accommodate up to 5 passengers. Different from its predecessor, the new CRV has a new design. To get the more modern look, it will be covered by metal and wood accents. There will be also so many technology systems of interfaces that make it has too many switches, sliders, and buttons. For standard version, there will be a heated seat with more comfortable rear and front seats. For all seats will be easily accessible with LATCH anchors.

For interior material, it will have leather upholstery which makes it look more modern and greater. Meanwhile, the cargo has more multifunction storage will full capacity. For infotainment, CRV will bring back a volume knob as replacement of touch volume slider. However, we can still find this touch-sensitive slider with redundant control in steering wheel. As high technology car, there will be CarPlay and Android Auto with USB ports. In rear seats, the USB ports will have a function as charging only. On the other hand, the further information about interior has not been revealed fully. For a recent update, you can check on

2018 Ford

Sports Car 2018 Ford Mustang Latest

2018 Ford

One of the PT foreign cars in Indonesia that is PT Ford Motor Indonesia or commonly abbreviated with FMI was previously confirmed to be a factory of origin of the United States, where this car wonders still include its products in the event Indonesia international motor show 2016 which took place at Jakarta international expo Kemayoran, center of Jakarta. Ford is participating through their main dealer is the group’s archipelago. The Ford brand is taken from this annual automotive event by displaying some models such as Ford echosport, Ranger, Everest, and Mustang.

Review Of The Latest 2018 Ford Mustang Car

One of the most well-known ford production of the ford is the 2018 ford mustang 2.3 L sports car. This very cool designed vehicle is perfect for racing events. This car is priced at 1.6 billion rupiahs which status on road Jakarta. Although this car is priced at a fairly high but apparently the group’s Nusantara get a very good response from the visitors. Even more than 6 units available there are 2 people who buy this latest sports car. As previously been disclosed by one of the main sales dealers of the archipelago group is the wise men who say that on this first day must car must already immediately have sold one unit, while one other unit was sold through an auto gallery dealer that is also part of the group’s archipelago.

Please note that this car has a 2.3-liter engine specification Eco Boost. while the color itself is available in 4 colors are very attractive options are yellow, black, white and also red. For consumers who really intend to buy this latest fleet can directly conduct transactions in IMMS 2016. That’s some info about the latest output of Ford cars are ford mustang, for more details explanation can by opening the following web page there will be a lot of jam about the cars that are products of a ford.

tutuapp apk

Android Game Hacking Tools Application

tutuapp apk

Do you love android games? well, mobile games become quite popular, especially for children and teenagers. If you love android games, and want to try out the premium games but can’t purchase it, then you have come to the right place, because we are trusted, and 100% working android hack Apk that will let you bust in into many famous android games, hacking it, and then modify it as much as you want. We are currently the trusted, 100% working, and also one of the most popular android hacking application. The tutuapp will let you hack into several famous mobile games, let you download the modified versions as much as you want, download the premium games, and also wonderfully updates any application and games you have. If you love android games and want to try out a new experience, or tired spending money on Android games, then you are going to love our tutuapp hack.

Tutuapp Hack, An Android Hack Apk That Let You Enjoy Every Game To Its Fullest

Tutuapp hack, one of the most popular android hack Apk on the internet. You can’t find any better android hacking tools like ours, and our android hack tool is absolutely for free. No charges, no surveys, no fake download link, only one working hack application that will let you enjoy every game to its fullest for free. If you want to enjoy the game in brand new perspectives, then you should try a mod or hacked games. Don’t know how to get any modified games, or don’t know how to hack into android games? Then our tutuapp hack will get you started in just a few seconds.

Download our tutuapp hack tools to start your amazing experience in the cheat, mod, and hacking android games. If you are bored by the selfish game developer and tired spending money on lame android games, then you will need to try out our amazing android hack Apk.