Cook Mackerel Canned Fish Easily

How will you do after you buy mackerel canned fish? Because this canned food is ready to be served, it will make you are easy and enjoy eating mackerel fish because this canned food has been seasoned by the manufacturer. And you as the consumer can open the mackerel canned and directly can eat this mackerel fish, except you buy uncooked mackerel canned or frozen mackerel. If you do not like the taste from that cooked mackerel fish that is being canned and is stored in the market so you can get this canned product easily, you also can make another food from this canned mackerel. Although this fish is already cooked, you can have another taste by adding the other seasoning that makes you can enjoy more about this canned fish.

Recipe For Mackerel Canned Fish

If you want to enjoy the other taste of this canned mackerel, of course, you can start to find the recipe to eat mackerel canned because, by that, you can cook this mackerel canned fish easily. You can get the recipe by asking the chef, or you can browse the recipe from the internet. Some of the recipes that make you can cook this canned food easily are in below:

  1. This mackerel canned can be made become soup or stew. The recipe is the same as when you make the soup or stew as usual. You can add mackerel soup in any base soup. After you put the fish in the boiling water, you can add salt, pepper, tomato, veggie, and the other ingredients that you think will make your soup is delicious.
  2. Fishcake or croquette also can be made from mackerel fish. The recipe is the usual recipe but you can change the fish with mackerel. You can make dough from mashed potato; add the wheat, salt, and egg after that. To make it better and is not greasy, just baked this dough so you can taste the fish cake from mackerel fish.
  3. The other recipe that can be made from mackerel canned fish is like you can stir-fry it. You can make a cake, pizza, spaghetti with mackerel fish and the other recipes that are easy for you to be made.