How To Get Rid Of Calluses With The Sugar Scrub

how to get rid of callusesCalluses mostly occur at the bottom of your feet, even though they are in the area which people can’t see, they are still ugly and make your bottom skin looks unhealthy. Don’t get this wrong, calluses also can appear on the palm of your hand, it’s not cool at all when your handshake with someone and they feel your hard skin, ouch! It’s time to get rid of them! Repeated friction, pressure, and wearing inappropriate footwear are the few reasons why there is a thickened area of your skin. Don’t worry, I will give you the ultimate ways how to get rid of calluses with sugar. Check out the next paragraph.

How To Get Rid Of Calluses Easily

We all know the sweetness of sugar. This white crystal actually works for a lot of skin problem; we usually use the sugar scrub to exfoliate our face because it can peel away the dead skin cells. You wouldn’t believe if sugar can remove the calluses. Here are the steps how to get rid of calluses with sugar:

  • Materials:
  • A half of cup sugar
  • Lemon essential oil
  • Mineral oil
  • Directions:
  • Mix all of the materials, start from sugar, a few drops of lemon oil, and sufficiently mineral oil. Make it into a paste.
  • Apply the paste on your hard skin area and massage it gently with your fingers.
  • Does the massage in a circular motion for about 15 minutes to soften the area?
  • Rinse your feet afterward and you can also apply a mild moisturizer for additional treatment.
  • For the best result, perform all the steps above 2-3 times a week.

Note: if you don’t want the ugly calluses to occur on your skin, especially feet, take care of it at least by keeping your feet clean and apply petroleum jelly regularly. I hope the steps how to get rid of calluses above is pretty helpful.