Good Nutritional Needs of Dog

Do you already have Teacup Pomeranian at home? Or do you plan to keep it? Before you get over it you have to figure out how to take care of it until the steps you should take in determining a reliable provider of dogs. This time we will discuss one of the needs, that is food. We will discuss what nutritional content should be met for this cute dog.

Dog Nutrition Needs Must Be Fulfilled

Let’s stop for a moment the home design or accessories you want to finish to beautify your pet dog. Do not let your dog starve because you are busy thinking about the collection of accessories. Dog food to watch out for is nutrition and feeding cycles. Nutrition that must be met to meet the needs of Teacup Pomeranian require about 436 calories of calories. In addition, dogs also need protein, because protein is an important nutrient for cell regeneration that will affect the growth of animals. The protein needed by young dogs is 22%, while for older dogs it takes about 18% protein. In addition, older dogs are also susceptible to disease, so you need to pay attention to the intake of vitamins given to dogs. Vitamin E and C are vitamins that will enhance the immune system of dogs in addition to sports activities and psychological conditions that will support his health as well.

Some of the food products you can give are Wellness Care, NutriSource Small Breed Puppy, Fromm Gold, and others. This product can be found in some pet stores and may already be sold online so you can spend time shopping for dog food by playing with your dog. In addition to nutrition do not forget to pay attention to the meal schedule. You can customize your favorite cups Teacup Pomeranian habits by recognizing whenever she starts feeling hungry. You can give the system a free meal, but less suitable if your dog does not like to eat so he will eat less and can cause pain in dogs.