How To Use Aloe Vera?

If we talk about the Nature Republic which is a Korean skincare brand, they will remind of their famous Aloe Vera on gel. Aloe Vera was a plant which thrives in hot, dry regions. Also known as medicinal aloe, this plant is a very short-stemless plant that can grow as high as three. Aloe Vera leaves are fleshy and thick and the color can vary from green to grey-green. You can always use Aloe Vera on gel which is very useful to treat a burn, wound, cold sores, skin dryness, and other skin problems. Scroll down below to know how to use Aloe Vera on gel for a home remedy

Using Aloe Vera on gel

You can purchase Aloe Vera on gel in many beauty stores. If you have aloe Vera plant, you can collect the gel as needed for a home remedy. Aloe’s leaves contain aloe gel which you can harvest as much as you want for a home remedy. To get yourself some aloe gel, you have to cut the leaves from the aloe plant and squeeze it or you can scoop out the gel. When you want to get a large amount of Aloe Vera on gel from the aloe plant, you need to cut the leaf in half so you can get all of the Aloe Vera on gel.

It’s better if you just harvest the gel as much as you need every time you want to use it. But if you have a product of leftover gel, you can store it in the freezer for one week. Aloe Vera was very useful to treat sunburnt skin. After you are exposed to the sun, it’s better to apply fresh product of Aloe Vera on gel to the affected of area. Where it will help the sunburnt skin to cool and heal the burn. Reapply the gel every few hours so your skin is moisturized. Aloe Vera on gel will give a cooling effect to the affected area.