How To Install Nikon Camera Software?

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Sometimes, the process to install Nikon software is confusing. Therefore, we are here to guide you. The software can help you to import images or videos from your camera to your computer. You can download the software on the internet. After the downloading process is finished, you can install it directly. Go to the “Download” folder on your PC when the software is downloaded. After that double-click the software. In this process, you can’t connect the camera to the computer yet. Double-click the software icon and you need to enter the Name and Password for the administrative account at the Password prompt screen, then click “OK”.

Installing Nikon Software

In this process, you can connect your camera to your PC by using the USB cable. Don’t be panic if the LCD screen on the camera is turned off. If the screen doesn’t turn off, you need to reconnect the USB cable to the camera. You can also try reconnecting it with a different USB port. Back to your PC, at the “Nikon software install” screen, click ‘Next”. When the device recognizes the camera connection, the camera screen will display the “Follow computer instructions” message. Then click “Next”. This will take several minutes. You need to wait until the install process is complete.

You need to reset the camera to the next step but you can’t disconnect the USB cable from both the camera and the computer. Press the center button of the Control Wheel on your camera to reset the camera. On your PC screen, click “Next”, then click “Run”. The installation process will take about ten minutes to complete. After that click “Finish”. Make sure you wait for the camera screen to turn on after clicking “Finish”. Disconnect the USB cable, remove the battery pack, and turn off the camera. You can download the Nikon software only on