Know These: Freshwater Shrimp Prawn Diseases

In shrimp and prawn cultivation, disease factors which affect both shrimp and prawn affect the success of cultivation as well, not to mention the attack of diseases on freshwater shrimp prawn suppliers product. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of and handle them quickly as soon as possible if the attacks happen.

Several Diseases Attacking Shrimp Prawn

Here are several diseases which are possible to impact the freshwater shrimp prawn suppliers business.

  1. White spot disease, caused by SEMBV (Systemic Ectodermal Mesodermal Baculo Virus) infection. The symptoms are irregular swimming on the surface and often hit the embankment and die instantly. The presence of white spots in the shell and very sensitive to environmental changes. The handling is to keep away from crabs and wild shrimp as the carrier.
  2. Yellowhead disease, caused by YHV (Yellow Head Baculovirus). The symptoms are the color is pale, gills and hepatopancreas yellowish. The symptoms are generally starting to appear between 50-70 days after shrimp spread in ponds. The handling is just like the attempt of white spot disease.
  3. Black spot disease, caused by MBV (Monodon Bacula Virus). The sign is there are black spots on the shell and usually followed by bacterial infections so that visible symptoms that are the damage to the shrimp body tool. The prevention is by always maintaining water quality and cleanliness of pond bottom.
  4. Nekrosis, caused by the high concentration of bacteria in pond water. Symptoms that appear is that there is damage/black wound on the body tool, especially on the tail. The handling is by replacing as much as possible, the prawn and shrimp are stimulated to immediately replace the skin with saponin.

If the diseases attack, certainly they can disrupt the continuity of this business. So, by knowing the diseases and how to handle and prevent them we can maintain the business too. Please kindly see at to know more about freshwater shrimps.