List Indonesia Frozen Shrimp Prawn Suppliers

Shrimp which is one of the most favored seafood food in various circles. So do not be surprised if its existence is very easy to find. This is because the number of distributors who want to take advantage of opportunities to earn profits by becoming Indonesia frozen shrimp prawn suppliers. Where this opportunity is very promising which shrimp is the most popular food so that we will not be afraid of wagers do not sell. To be able to anticipate the existence of rotten shrimp when stored too long due to shrimp that are less scalable, then the shrimp is made in the packaging was in the packaging of shrimp in a frozen state.

Some Indonesian Frozen Shrimp Prawn Suppliers

Indonesia frozen shrimp prawn suppliers are the first sol gratia CV company directed by Fabio Giovanni, with employees Jimmy along with 5 others. The company is addressed in the DKI Block 7th block number 16, Kembangan, Teruya, West Jakarta, zip code 11620 with email with its business category agro-industry, in the business site as a seller, with various commodity indexes like shrimp and oil coconut. With price range around Rp 150.000. Which stood since 2003 that has a business plan will export commodities to all foreign countries in the world.

The company that became one of Indonesia frozen shrimp prawn suppliers the other is a marine latitude company which is directed by Mulyadi Syamsudin with 10 employees. Who has the address on the road to post 1 number 15, ceiling, Jakarta Utara which is in the province of DKI Jakarta, its business category is in fishery field, in business status become the seller. Commodity index is a sea product such as squid, shrimp, and pomfret packed in a frozen state. Business type as a supplier where packaging using plastic. The company is partnering with fishermen in Cilegon and harbor queens to sell to restaurants in Jakarta. That’s a list of companies that provide a variety of processed food ingredients, one of which is a shrimp that has been frozen.