Losing HP Printer Driver?

If you have HP printer but the driver is lost or cannot work well, so don’t worry. You still get the printer driver from driver site. You can also even find HP printer drivers for windows 10. It will be no problem when you cannot find your printer driver since you can download it. So, how to get the printer driver for your HP printer?

Easy Steps To Download HP Printer Driver For Windows 10

Here are some steps to download the HP printer drivers for windows 10:

  1. Open the HP printer driver
  2. Find the series of your HP printer, then click the article
  3. You can find the steps there, but just drag it to the bottom page to find the link
  4. Click “Windows 10” that occurred on the bottom page
  5. If the printer driver has been downloaded, so you can start to install it

Easy Steps To Install HP Printer Driver For Windows 10

After the driver is downloaded, you can install it like by following these steps:

  1. Open the file of printer driver that has been download
  2. Click “Agree” after reading the agreement
  3. Just follow the instruction until it is processed to install
  4. If the driver has been installed, so you can restart your computer as well
  5. When your computer is ready, you can connect it again to your HP printer
  6. Your HP Printer is ready to use after connected to your windows 10 computer

Make sure that you download the printer driver on the right site, so there will be no harm on your computer. After that, make sure that you download the HP printer drivers for windows 10, not the other version. If there is an error, so you can try to get HP helps.