The New BMW 3 Series Review

In every year, there will be a new car that will be released. From BMW, there are also a lot of new series that will be introduced for middle 2018 to early 2019. Among the BMW review, you will find the BMW 3 series become the most anticipated one. There will be new features and modification which are worth to wait. For the basic concept, it has been inspired by 5 Series but has a lighter construction which let it boots more efficient.

The Tremendous Power Engine Of BMW 3 Series

For the first BMW review from the 3 Series, you have to know its most tremendous power engine. There will be two options for its engine. For the first, there will be petrol engine with a hybrid model. Secondly, there will also diesel model which has twin turbo of 6-cylinder engine. Actually, both of them will not have too many differences. It can produce 460 hp.

The Coolest Design Of BMW 3 Series

Meanwhile, you can also check on the coolest design of BMW 3 Series. Since it has been inspired by 5 Series, there will be similarity on both of them. For the cabin, 3 Series has a similar cabin with 5 Series. Then, there will be also so many high technology features which are built in this car. You can find a big screen as the infotainment system which comes along with a digital driver’s display. Moreover, it will also present iDrive system. So far, the features have not been fully released yet so you need to wait for more BMW review. This car is expected to come to market in latest 2018 to early 2019. You can prepare around $26,000 to get this best new BMW car for next year and drive it around with new vibe as well.