Most Popular Big Trucks Games

Big trucks games are the most popular game right now on the internet. For someone who loves racing and challenging game, you must play these game both on your smartphone and PC. The sensation of playing the game where you will drive a big truck through the endless off-road is really fascinating. When it comes to off-road games, there are some recommendations that worth to try. Each game presents different missions and challenges. But these two games are both great.

Find The Most Popular Big Trucks Games

The first big trucks game that we recommend is Truck Evolution: Offroad 2. Last year, this game is crowned as the most popular truck racing game on Play Store. Indeed, the great ultra-graphics on this game is mesmerizing. If you check on Play Store, there are more than 30 million people who download this game. If you download the newest version, you will find something new. The new version offers new engine. And this game offers you the real simulation of driving big truck. The game also has an endless story mode and new truck styles that make the player wants to explore this game more. There are different eight routes that you need to explore. Each route has a unique mission. The game also features wit real weather conditions which make the simulation become more real.

The second game is Monster Truck Offroad Rally 3D. It is a big truck muddy off-road game where you will drive a 4×4 truck. You will enjoy a more professional driving through this game. You need to drive the 4×4 truck and complete all the mission along the way. The big trucks game is perfect for someone who loves off-road. The simulation game also allows you to test how well your skills in off-road terrains with hills and mud. The game also serves you high-quality graphic and nice atmosphere for gaming.