Preventing Acne and Blackheads Come Easy

The face is part of the body that we must always keep. It would be nice if we take care of our face for us to always stay confident and make other people feel comfortable when looking at us. This acne is actually not a disease, but the skin symptom of excessive oil glands. However, acne is very disturbing the appearance of our faces, so people with acne symptom always try various ways of treatment as much as possible.

Actually, the underlying factors of blackheads and acne are hormones. Hormones are biological processes that are usually passed on from parents even from our grandparents. Generally, acne and blackheads will often appear at the age of 11-15 years. Acne is often difficult to treat, acne will appear again after being treated. For the symptoms of acne, a lot of drugs that can be consumed, including the syrup and the drugs that are applied to the point of acne.

Important Things to Control Acne

There is mild and severe acne, mild acne can still be overcome with drugs applied directly to the point of acne. Severe acne such as “stone acne” should be treated internally, by taking special acne drinking medicine. We can actually prevent the coming of acne because preventing acne is better than cure. There are several things we can apply. Do not forget to always keep the face clean, because of dust and dirt can cause acne. Wash your face in the morning, noon after the activity, and before we sleep at night. So, then our skin will always be clean. Another thing to remember that does not scratch the acne, usually scratching acne will cause injuries and scars on the skin. And last but not least, if your acne does not heal well is to consult with a dermatologist, because it could be the cause of your acne is not the same as others.