How Does Punaises De Lit Suck And Bite The Body Of Human Skin

Punaises de lit Piqures is very dangerous, especially according to information that the insect is able to survive in a long time that is about 2 months. And if in their standard they always bite our body skin then it is very dangerous. For some people who do have a strong immune system, these insect bites will not work on them. But if in people who have blood that is usually hot because of too much activity and also its immune system then after bitten by this insect will have bite marks. The way these insects bite human blood is by using both hairs on the head. They suck blood in the span of 3-5 minutes. This time is not a short time, if within the time it is finished then the insects will get food in the form of our blood in large quantities and these insects are able to suck it.

The Sickness Of Punaises De Lit

These insects are very relaxed in sucking the blood of humans or other animals because these insects act very actively at night. The night is our time to rest and calm down to sleep. But for Punaises de lit time is a good time for insects to suck blood. Therefore, in the dark state Punaises de lit Piqures will fall on the skin of the human body. Especially if our body blood is in hot conditions then it will be a favorite food for Punaises de lit.

Punaises de lit Piqures is very painful, the effect on the skin makes the skin a lot of red spots. If the spots on the skin are very large, it indicates that the skin is a place of suction Punaises de lit subs many times and has often bitten on the skin area. And vice versa if small bite marks prove that the insect has been biting the skin area but not for a long time.