Ride Elephant In Bali

Elephant ride Bali is a very common activity to do. This activity also very common in Thailand and India. Elephants are a very likable animal. Although they are such huge creature, they also smart, pretty, and human-friendly. That’s why many people want to do some activities with them such as elephant riding or elephant bathing. Many your package also offer elephant ride to gather many tourists. And of course, taking a photo while riding an elephant is also one of many wish lists for some people whenever they go to Bali for holiday. As an animal lover, you should try this activity too!

Good Elephant Ride Bali

For your information, right now there are many activists who opposed elephant ride. In some places, we know the ugly truth behind elephant’s happy face. Fortunately, elephant ride Bali is still saved and well-maintained. Balinese knows that they really depend on nature, so of course, they do not dare to damage their nature. This goes for elephants and other animals as well. Many elephants ride places don’t capture baby elephant. Many elephants ride places outside Indonesia capture baby elephant to gain more advantages. People will exploit the babies to be photo props because they are cute. In some cases, people can be an evil by killing the mother to get a baby elephant.

If the babies are born in the captivity, people will separate them from their mother. After that, the babies will go under training so that they can go to perform in shows or ride. Sometimes they don’t get enough food and water. Moreover, they have to carry people over their capacity for an elephant ride. We are lucky that elephant ride Bali doesn’t do such things. Balinese treat elephant well. They still have humanity. They wouldn’t force the elephant to work for long hours.