Teak Root Is A Breakthrough

“No Rattan, Root So”, this proverb reminds us to always seek and optimize resources for anything, even though that resource is not a good main item. Who would have thought, if the first roots of teak trees wasted by people and underestimated for granted, now are the goods of furniture/furniture luxury and expensive classic like teak root furniture?

Some Uniqueness Teak Trees

  • A layman can actually calculate the age of teak from the “circle of the year” owned by the stem teak. This can happen because the teak cambium has cells that produce vertical and horizontal extension, starting with the development of oval-shaped oval cell nucleus, then splitting into 2 cells so on. In the dry season, teak leaves will fall and then cambium will grow more narrow. And when the rainy season, the leaves will grow and the cambium will grow normally again. This growth difference will hit a beautiful pattern when the teak trunk is cut across. Well, this is what the circle pattern of the year is.
  • The second uniqueness, it turns out teak is not easy to eat termites. Because teak has 46,5% cellulose content, lignin 29,9%, pentosan 14,4%, ash 1,4%, and silica 0,4% and heat value 5,081 cal / gr. The durability of wood according to the test results on termites and fungi including class I. Thus, teak wood can be attacked by termites with low capacity in wood conditions that are affected by the age of the tree. So the older the age of teak, the more difficult it is attacked by termites.

This uniqueness is perfect for teak root furniture.

First Teak Root Is Waste

But, wait a minute, it turns out the struggle of a teak root into luxury furniture items and demands many countries, not as sweet as people imagined. Because the first, the root of teak is a waste from the production of teak handicrafts that only take from the logs only. But over the course of time, with the emergence of the idea of ​​creativity of children in the region of East Java, the emerging art of handicrafts and roots of teak trees for making teak root furniture.