The Presence Of Mites

Have you ever felt very itchy in your genital area when you were a kid? If your answer is “yes”, then it could be an infection of the dust mite bites. It must be very itchy and sometimes swollen to redness. Are you very susceptible to mite’s disease? Problems that often appear in mites are inflammation, redness, rash, and others. Mites can stay in the pores of the human skin. By knowing everything about mites, this will give you a way to eradicate mites. Anyone can get the disease caused by the mites, but not all know how to eradicate mites on the body, skin, mattress, or face.

Simple Ways To Avoid The Dust Mite Bites

Mites usually live in the sections of clothes. Dust mite bites will attack human skin only after the eggs hatch and mites become mature. Although rare, mites can incubate their eggs on the human body Mature mites cannot live more than five to seven days after they are released from their host. Therefore, it is easier to find a mite egg than the mites themselves on your clothes. Egg mites are oval and yellow or white. Egg mites on human clothing are usually found on the waistline and underarm area. The eggs of the mites will hatch within one to two weeks.

In cases of extreme dust mite bites, doctors will recommend using pediculicide. Pediculicide famous brands that are sold freely in stores, for example, are “Clear”, “Rid”, and “Nix”. Pediculicide is designed to kill mites in the following ways, Ovicidal pediculicide kills mite eggs and only needs to be used several times. Non-ovicidal pediculicide kills adult mites but does not kill the eggs. Therefore, it is recommended that non-ovicidal pediculicide is used regularly, to prevent mite strikes from recurring because of their eggs hatch.