Tour Destinations In West Papua

West Papua is the place that is famous for its tourist’s destination, it means that tourists who are from Indonesia or from abroad, they mostly come to this province because of many things include many of things to do in Papua, some things that you never try it, and many others that will make you feel the interested to know more about Papua. If you want to go to this island, do not forget to prepare your travel in such as you must have a plan about choosing the guide, and prepare for the transport and many things needed to come to this place.

Enjoy Holiday In West Papua

Especially if you are a foreigner, of course, you must hire the translator because may Papuan speak in Papuan language, although some of them also can speak in Indonesia language. Then, you also must change your dollar money into rupiahs because people in West Papua use rupiah for their money transaction. Then, because in this place there is a hotel, homestay or hostel, you can choose which is suiting you the best. You can discuss it with your guide about the placet0 stay during your trip in here.

Then, you must also have a plan for the destination too. For example, you must stay here if you want to know more about this place, you can go to the tour destination places such as the famous Raja Ampat, and you can go to Sorong. Except for the first spot, you can enjoy feeling the beautiful beaches to in this West Irian Jaya that make you feel relaxed to see this beautiful beach. Or you can simple to choose to stay in the resort that also offers you the package tour from the resort. It will make you just pay for the resort and the resort can help you to be invited to many places in this Papua. Take a look at if you want to know many spots in this place.