Tracking Your Health With Journal

Writing a journal is a good thing since you can track your health. All you have to do is just finding a good journal and then start writing. This activity is important for someone who doesn’t know how to have a healthy life. You can start a healthy lifestyle by writing a journal. You can keep your exercise with this journal.

How To Write A Healthy Journal?

  1. Set your goals

The goals that we are talking about is your main health goals. This is the real function of the journal. It is needed to monitor your progress in achieving your health goals. It is better to set one or two main health goals for the start. For example, you have to jog every Saturday and you just eat junk food once a week. For a beginner, these goals may help you to develop healthy habit step by step.

  1. Set smart goals

We will remind you once again that you need to make your goals realistic, measurable, and attainable. This is what we called as smart goals. For example, you can’t set a goal to “jogging every Saturday and Sunday”. This will just burden you. You need to make your goal realistic so you can check your progress in your health journal.

  1. Know your challenge

In every goal, there will be a challenge waiting for you. For example, maybe you can’t jog every weekend since you have a very busy schedule. This will be your obstacle to living a healthy life. In writing a healthy journal, you have to write about how you solve the obstacle.

  1. Set daily goals

Not only main goals, bit daily goals are also important. These goals can be used to achieve your main goals. For example, always have breakfast or walk at least 5 minutes.

By writing this healthy journal, we hope you can achieve your goal to become healthy.