What Will You Get From Jpay?

Have you heard about JPay? If you want to use those services as well as their products, you just need to enter the JPay email login first. There are some products and services you can use them well.

Products And Services You Can Use

While you do JPay email login, you can get different products and services you can use them well. What kind of products and services you may get, those are?

  1. Money transfer. If you would like to send money from inmates for their daily necessities, you are able to use this service as well. You just need to follow its procedure to send the money to the inmates.
  2. Communication and the inmate devices. They provide devices for inmates to communicate with their family as well. They have a chance to use the device to send an email or something like that to other family members through the JPay. The JPay will know everything that you send to inmates and so on to ensure that there is no something negative from its communication.
  3. Probation and parole payments. In this case, you are able to use these services to help you as family members to pay such as those payments in an easier way. It also allows the offenders to make the community corrections as well as court-ordered payments.
  4. Charitable donations. In this case, you are able to give the contribution for those who need it especially for the children of the prison inmates to get such as scholarships to make them are able to get school although their parents are in prison.

Those are the products and services you can use it in the JPay. You just need to do JPay email login first and you can use those services as well. The JPay will help you a lot to cover the problems of communication with the inmates.